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Assuring 100% original Exide or Amaron Mitsubishi Batteries with genuine manufacturer’s warranty along with free technical support services even on odd hours from Surya Power Solutions Noida. Surya Power Solutions also support customers for O.E warranty settlement for batteries of Mitsubishi Cars in Noida.

It must be ensured that replacement battery shall be of same specification as it was supplied with new car. All Mitsubishi models may have different battery model as per below:-

Battery Fitment chart for all Mitsubishi Cars

# Car Models Battery Specification Brands
1 Mitsubishi Cedia 2.0 Diesel MI105D31L-8AH Exide | Amaron
2 Mitsubishi Cedia 2.0 Petrol DIN85-85AH|OBL400LMF-35AH Exide | Amaron | Sf-Sonic
3 Mitsubishi Lancer Diesel DIN85-85AH Exide | Amaron
4 Mitsubishi Lancer petrol MI35L-35AH Exide | Amaron | Sf-Sonic
5 Mitsubishi Montero 3.2 Diesel XP800-80AH Exide
6 Mitsubishi Pajero 4X4 Diesel XP800-80AH Exide | Amaron
7 Mitsubishi Outlander Diesel MT75D23L-68AH Exide | Amaron
8 Mitsubishi Outlander Automatic Petrol MT75D23L-68AH Exide | Amaron

Frequently Asked Questions

All cars comes with company fitted batteries and needs its replacement on an average of 3 years life. Exide and Amaron are the battery best brands for Mitsubishi range of cars like Mitsubishi Cedia 2.0 Petrol,Mitsubishi cedia 2.0 Diesel,Mitsubishi Lancer Petrol,Mitsubishi Lancer Diesel,Mitsubishi Outlander Diesel,Mitsubishi Pajero 4X4 Diesel,Mitsubishi Montero 3.2 Diesel,Mitsubishi Outlander Automatic Petrol

Exide and Amaron both are the best Indian brands for Mitsubishi cars and provide all India service support through their channel partners and service centres. Surya Power Solution is the best battery service provider for Exide and Amaron for Mitsubishi cars in Noida. You can choose by comparing warranty and price of Exide vs Amaron battery for Mitsubishi Cars in Noida.

Exide and Amaron having range of batteries for different variants of Mitsubishi cars having warranty from 18 months to 60 months replacement.

Surya Power Solutions is an authorised channel partner for Exide and Amaron Battery for all variants of Mitsubishi cars like Mitsubishi Cedia 2.0 Petrol,Mitsubishi cedia 2.0 Diesel,Mitsubishi Lancer Petrol,Mitsubishi Lancer Diesel,Mitsubishi Outlander Diesel,Mitsubishi Pajero 4X4 Diesel,Mitsubishi Montero 3.2 Diesel,Mitsubishi Outlander Automatic Petrol.

Mitsubishi Car battery averagely come 3000 to 12000 rupees. You can get best offers and deals on Mitsubishi batteries from Surya Power Solutions in Noida

Surya Power Solutions is providing free installation support in all sectors of Noida & Greater Noida. You can get 30 minutes service from Surya Power Solutions for Mitsubishi Car Battery in Noida Sector -50 , Noida Sector – 51, Noida Sector – 52, Noida Sector – 53, Noida Sector – 55, Noida Sector – 56, Noida Sector – 58, Noida Sector – 61, Noida Sector – 61, Noida Sector – 63, Noida Sector – 70, Noida Sector – 71, Noida Sector – 72, Noida Sector – 74, Noida Sector – 75, Noida Sector – 76, Noida Sector – 77, Noida Sector – 78, Noida Sector – 79, Noida Sector – 100, Noida Sector – 101, Noida Sector – 104, Noida Sector – 105, Noida Sector – 108, Noida Sector – 124, Noida Sector – 125, Noida and Greater Noida Expressway sectors, Greater Noida, Indirapuram and Ghaziabad.

Surya Power Solutions is the best battery store for Mitsubishi Cars in Noida providing immediate free of cost replacement of battery as per guidelines of Exide or Amaron. One can visit Showroom of Surya Power Solutions or call them 9810310995 or logon for warranty support at any time and day.

It is suggested to get the battery checked by trained technician by measuring its specific gravity and voltage on load i.e. at the time of taking self to start the car. If there is any fluctuation in gravity of any of the cell or its voltage droped below to 10 volts it is suggested to replace the battery. Averagely shell life of car battery is 3 years approx.

Now a days most of Exide & Amaron batteries are maintenance free type and does not require any distilled water add up or maintenance. Still it is suggested to get the battery electrolyte checked one in 6 months and keep its terminal clean and waxed.

Usually car batteries need not recharging as these are automatically gets charged when vehicle is in start mode until unless there is any fault in alternator of our car or any light or switch left open then car battery may gets discharged and needs recharging.

Yes of course it is discounted at the time of purchase of new car battery for approx. 20% of new battery cost. It must be ensure that old car battery given to authorised car battery sellers only.

Invoice copy and original warranty card of bearing serial no and manufacturing code is must to replace the car battery under warranty. Replacement under warranty can be availed through any of the nearest authorised dealer of Exide or Amaron or contact on the phone nos mentioned on respective warranty cards for support.

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